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Long has this island been just out of my reach. This island known to the Southlands as Fenis. Emperors have lived there, prayers have been spoken aloud there, a pattern forge once roared there..... But now gloom, a suffocating mist hangs about the Ancestrals of light upon its shores and woodland. The forge shows cracks and the prayers are silent.

This island was where I took my first breath in this world, it is where my mother, Odin bless her pattern, gave me a hearth and home....at least for a time.

I make my way there now, these months of preparation are done, it is time for my steel to cleanse the island and claim the home I once had.

The help so far given has been great, I would ask that all those that call me friend, ally, champion and General join me and the Warriors of Godheim on this venture.

King Ragnar
Warrior of Odin 


The Empire Has Fallen? is a Jackals Sanctioned event run in association with Scheming Demon.


Date: 6th - 8th March 2020

Event Format - The event is a high encounter event. There will be a heavy amount of combat along side a heavy amount of lore/brain/political encounters. Bring your keen.

IC Location: Island of Fenis, an Aegyptian island

OC Location: Squirrel Wood Scout Campsite , The Abbe's Walk, Doncaster DN6 9JQ 

Cost: Player spaces £50 before end of 5th February 2020, £55 thereafter but before 2nd March. On the gate bookings will be allowed for £60. If you are intending to pay on the gate but require a meal ticket you MUST inform us ASAP.

Refunds: If you require a refund please contact a member of the team to arrange up to the date of February 16th 2020. After this date no refunds will be available. 

Eligibility: Campaign event for members of the Jackals faction and friends. Characters from other factions & guilds welcome.

Accommodation: Camping

Catering: Conspiracy Catering £29

Menu: If you have any special dietary requirements, the caterers are more than happy to cater for your needs, no matter how restrictive. Please contact us @ jackals@lorientrust.com with any special requirements you may have, quoting "Jackals Spring Event" in the message text.


Friday 9pm, Time out 2am.

Saturday 10am to 2am,

Sunday 10am to 3pm

Crew Bookings: We will need a number of crew to play the many roles we have over the weekend. Free tea, coffee, sweets and biscuits will be provided.

Event Guide: Provided a few days before the event. Packs will be sent via email, so please use a valid email address.

LT Plot and Rules sanctioning given.

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Hannah Corry Lujayne Silkenblade JackalsStaff
Martin Ashton Tyrone JackalsStaff
Adrian Waite Prince Hakim Azam Abbas JackalsStaff
Ash Thompson Honey Badger JackalsStaff
Niall Mcmonagle Az'har JackalsPlayer
Andy McDonald Eudoras JackalsMonster
Dominic Doran Solitaire TarantulasPlayer
Kerrie Ashton Turkish LionsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna DragonsPlayer

4 Staff, 1 Monsters, 4 Players. (9 total)

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